Frequently Asked Questions

Is it available in Google Play?

Not currently.

Do you plan on releasing it on Google Play?

Yes. However, it will cost a bit.

Wait, you want money?

Since developing apps costs time, and resources like hosting documentation, yes. It wont cost you a months wage, but it will not be free on google play.

However, the f-droid version will be free (and stay free!). I also provide source code via github, so you will never loose access to this app, even if you dont want to pay. I consider you choosing google play over f-droid as you wanting to support me, so thank you very much, it is appreciated!

Is it available in F-Droid?

Sadly no. There is currently an ongoing issue which prevents me from releasing. I am tracking this and will update the corresponsive github-ticket when i have more information.

You can find the ticket here: Publish on F-Droid #1

I cant figure out how to set up my remote with a specific setting.

That is not a question. Who is writing his FAQ?

Anyway, you can see here how you can manually edit a configuration.

Can i edit a remote?

Yes! The ability to edit a remote was added with the dynamic config provider. You can now choose to edit a remote via the three-dot-menu in the remote list. However, you cannot rename a remote for techical reasons.

Can you implement X?

Maybe, head over to the issue tracker and open a ticket! We can discuss your ideas there.

Can i donate?

Sure! Any help is appreciated: